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ffdshow w/hardware accel.?

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Zoomplayer 2.9 using:

Athlon XP 2000+

Powerdvd xp 4 video

Powerdvd audio to spdif


ffdshow 121102

Ati 9000 pro 128 w/Cat 3.2

Hardware acceleration on

Results in a green screen

Hardware acceleration off gives me beautiful PQ with perfect audio but slightly stuttered motion which I only noticed when viewing my video based wedding dvd.

Can anyone recommend any changes which will allow me to use hardware acceleration while keeping ffdshow, before I start trying older Catalyst versions?

I have tried every ffdshow version, vmr9, and every combination of settings in reclock, just about every software combo possible except different Cat. drivers.


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FFDshow is doing the decoding, and it doesn't support it.

If you get stuttering, start cutting back on the options.
Thanks Dave,

Removing ffdshow from the graph altogether does not help and I've found that even using any DVD software without hardware accel. (not through Zoom.) gives me the same problem. Enabling HW accel. instantly gives me smooth playback for both video and film. I guess what I'm asking is: are ffdshow and hardware accel. impossible to use together? Or have I just not found the right combination of software and video drivers?

If impossible is there a simpler way of changing graphs in Zoom and toggling HW accel in PowerDVD without digging into settings menus?

I'm trying to step up the ease of use factor for my old lady.

Thanks again,

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HWA with ffdshow is simply NOT possible.

In the latest version of the Zoomplayer you can change the graphvery child can do this. You have to buy the new version for 19.95 but IMHO it's worth every pence ;)
Thanks frbie,

"HWA with ffdshow is simply NOT possible." good, this means my ZP config. is finished. My wife will just have to watch the old-fashioned way and not touch my HTPC.

I have experienced the graph-less goodness that is ZP 3, it worked perfectly with ffdshow, reclock and spdif pass-through after 3 minutes in the player options... and then I deleted it. I'll gladly send Blight his 20 bucks but it's gonna take years of using 2.9 to justify the time it took my sorry a$$ getting it to work.

Media Player classic lets you do this by changing the priorities of each filter. No graphs.
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