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Are there any pros / cons playing music from a PC using fiber ( TOS link ) vs Cat 6 network cable and DLNA?

I have a Elite VSX23 that I have my computer connected to via 25 foot fiber cable.

I am playing Flac files using Foobar.

I am getting 7.1 surround and it sounds great. ( I realize some people don't like listening to music in surround )

The only things I have noticed are I need to turn the volume up a little more on the receiver, I have compensated a little by turning up the volume on the PC.

And with the sub as well which I turned up a little using the EQ in Foobar.

I have been looking at getting one of the new model Elites and the network connectivity was a big pro but now...

I don't think that I have the best ear when it comes to judging sound quality but still, it sounds pretty good to me.
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