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I run a website that records basically two things, live music (indoors/outdoors), and acoustic projects in my apartment. Until now I've been relying on my Panasonic GS320's mic, which sounded ok and had little audio hiss or overcompression. I recently moved up to the HF10 to shoot, but continually have to run the GS320 to get better audio. In lieu of this setup, I think it's time for an upgrade.

I basically have three choices as I see it,

1) buy a field recorder like the Sony PMC-D50 or M-Audio Microtrack II

2) buy a beachtek/Juiced link phantom power adapter for the camcorder and buy two condenser mics ( like AKG1000s (2 for $300)

3) buy one stereo mic (battery powered) like the AT825 ($350) and a XLR to mini connector.

Either way it is around $600, which is around what I'm willing to pay. Live situations can be pretty loud, and the room recordings are pretty dynamic.

A) What is the best option in general terms of audio? mics can be swapped out on 2/3, or added into the M-Audio.

B) Will the beachtek/JL have no effect since it running through the camera anyway? Will the AGC still takeover if the threshold is reached?

C) Are battery powered mics underpowered for loud music?

thanks for any help anyone can give.
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