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Fifth Time's a Charm?

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Odd, I've been patiently waiting for 3.0... I check it twice a day, seeing the dreaded 2.1 (or something)...

So today I have some time to kill and force a transfer. Nothing. Then another. and another.. You get the picture. The fifth one (and these were consecutive, no time between) started the download!

How odd....
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I think that maybe it's just random, so we have to keep calling until we hit the magic, random, "download" command.


Save the chap from this forum who was able to download it, I don't think the Showstoppers have the green light yet.
It only took 3 tries to get it on my 3060.
Something must be up... maybe this is a good method of getting the download.. I mean nobody from Replay have replied here to tell us otherwise..



I would LOVE to beta test! I love my ReplayTV.
It didn't work for me. I tried 6 times using net connect from 243 replay zones, and 6 times going to dialing setup and hitting play. Oh well. I'll get it eventually.
If you recall, Showstoppers aren't going to get the download yet. This isn't a mistake, Panasonic hasn't given the green light for it yet.
Fifth time did it, I've got the new 3.0 software. I've got a Replay 2020, not a showstoppper though.
Videodude, my 3030 has not downloaded yet, either. Maybe it is just So. Cal that can't get the update.
Keep it up you guys and we're going to bury that Net Connect option so deep you'll never be able find it.

We are still waiting for the green light from Panasonic. As soon as that happens, we will let you Showstopper folk know.


Do you not know how to read? Three times in this thread alone it's been said "Showstoppers WILL NOT DOWNLOAD THE 3.0 software!"

from what most of the posts say, it would seem that Showstoppers are not getting 3.0 yet.


how do you explain mad^hatter getting 3.0 on his Showstopper ? ( and here and here )

of course almost immediately ReplayMike posted a message asking mad^hatter to contact him http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/confused.gif

mad^hatter? anyone?


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Woo Hoo. It actually took me about 6 or 7 times last night. Thank goodness for PIP. :)


Loren Finkelstein
Good Lord, never mind...

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Totally off-topic. Went to your site, the slideshow of your wedding was awesome.
Hey Replay Ben,

How could you possible do that?

That option is there so your tech support people can have the user force a connect to resolve some common problems.

So let's say you "bury" it. First time you give a user of this forum the instructions on how to connect, it will be posted and your back to square one.

Seems like a pretty dumb comment and very anti-customer service.

How about this... Redo the update algorithm to certain serial numbers on or after certain dates then e-mail registered customers when their date will be.

"Dear Loyal Customer,

Version 3.0 has been released.

Your unit (serial number 1234567890) is scheduled to be updated on or after October 24th.


Replay Customer Service"

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Please see ReplayBen's CAUSTIC COMMENTS on the thread.



I would LOVE to beta test! I love my ReplayTV.
Is ReplayBen really from RTV? If so, the others should kindly tell him that he's not allowed to play with us anymore. All the other Replay folks seem to have positive outlooks and a smile on their face (which is apprecaited and expected). This guy is an ass.
One bad apple...

(hoping he's not from Replay)
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