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Fight Club

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Tech specs coming soon
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Wow - great news!

* settles back for the inevitable onslaught of "You don't talk about Fight Club" jokes *
I am Jack's excitement
Well it's about damn time.

Definitely looking forward to this one.

Originally Posted by Scott Simonian /forum/post/16863007


This is for US or import?

It's already been available for import from Germany for some time now.
Ah, you're right. I had completely forgotten about the import. Well, with little info posted... I had to ask.

This has got to be one of my favorite movies.
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Hearing this in DTS MA will be the happiest moment of my life.
Hopefully they did a new transfer for this 10th anniversary. I have the German version and it's pretty unimpressive.

Originally Posted by eric.exe /forum/post/16863068

Hopefully they did a new transfer for this 10th anniversary. I have the German version and it's pretty unimpressive.

Man I hope this title get's the royal treatment it deserves.
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YES!!!!!!! My most anticipated release on Blu finally!!!LOVE THIS MOVIE

Originally Posted by Art Sonneborn /forum/post/16863510

The DTheater version looks PDG and one of my favorite films of all time !


Yeap, this is fine for now, so I can wait.

p.s. speaking of D-Theater, so when will say 'Alien' or 'Moulin Rouge' be released?
Are you going by the Amazon date?
This will be one of my few BR purchases this year.....love this movie and the AQ should be fantastic!
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The first rule of Fight Club on Blu Ray is "you don't talk about fight club on Blu Ray."

Great news. This is a favorite of mine also.
Fifteen posts before someone to threw the obligatory Fight Club joke. Pretty good self control if you ask me.
Read the book. I like the movie, but the book suggests a different meaning for what it's about (even though much of the movie is straight out of the book), and I think the book is better. YMMV.

Here's a great line from the book that I don't think is in the movie:

Marla comes in the back door with a canister of lye flakes. "At the store, they have one-hundred-percent-recycled toilet paper," Marla says. "The worst job in the whole world must be recycling toilet paper."
I've read the book and it is enjoyable, but I like the movie more.
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