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I'm wondering if anyone can help recommend an easy to use tool for rename of my movies?

I have a directory structure in which each movie is in its own folder along with associated files (fanart, nfo, etc). The folder name is the same as the movie name. All of my meta-data files are created and managed by YANFOE at this time although I suppose I am open to other tools like Ember to do this.

I wish to start renaming some of these to a more standardized IMDB format, for example I have movie folder


Which contains several files including "Matrix.mkv" "Matrix.fanart.jpg" etc.

When I try to use a tool like TheRenamer, it identifies the movie correctly as "The Matrix.1999" but it does not offer to rename all of the artwork, etc, correctly, instead the dot in some of the file names seem to throw it off.

It offers to rename "Matrix.fanart.jpg" to "The Matrix.1999.jpg" which of course is not good.

If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them. Worst case I can rename manually it will just be tedious with 300 or so movie folders each containing five or six files.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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