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I have a Yamaha RXV1800 and just found out that there is a firmware update (March 2009) from the Yamaha website. The update would reset the unit to factory default settings. Since I have spent months tweaking all 4 custom settings saved in the system memory, I don't want to redo my settings manually. I had to do that for the first firmware update, but I don't want to do it again manually. I would like to be able to save my settings permanently onto my laptop PC.

I have Yamaha's Receiver Manager software, version 1.03, specifically for the RXV1800. I was able to upload the settings to my laptop running on Windows Vista. However, everytime I try to save the settings to a file, I always get an error message, which says something like "incorrect parameter".

I am able to do the following, though:

1. control my receiver via my laptop using "Real Time" mode.

2. upload the settings from the receiver to the laptop. As long as I leave the Receiver Manager running with the uploaded settings, I can download the currently loaded settings back into the receiver. But without saving the settings into a file, I would lose all the settings in the laptop upon reactivation of the Receiver Manager. As stated above, saving the settings to a file results in an error message on the laptop indicating "incorrect parameter".

I use all four memory slots on the receiver, so the uploaded settings are for all four sets.

Could this be due to incompatibility issues between Receiver Manager and Windows Vista?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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