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Dear Helpers,

I've bought a Sony Handycam (DCR-SR35) fot a half year ago an we went on holiday with it. Than I've copied the filmed files directly to my Apple and deleted them from my camera (Internal Hard Disk). But now the quality is very bad (MPG). A little bit stupid of me.

So I've tested it by filming a bit with the camera and put it directly to the hard disk and imported it in iMovie. The file on my hard disk gave a bad quality but directly to iMovie the quality is good.

Now I want my earlier films (my holiday) back to the hard disk of my Handycam but I get the message with 'Read only' text. Is there a possibility to put the earlier movies back on my handycam?

I also tryed to covert the filmps to another format (MPG4, MOV, AVI ...) but the quality remains poor.

I hope you have a solution for you.

A desperated Dutch-man (sorry for my bad english)
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