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I run a Film/TV acting training facility and I’m looking for some advice.

I currently have 3 older camcorders mounted on rolling tripods for a 3 camera set. The 3 video feeds are all plugged into a Videonics MX-1 Video Mixer, which we use to live switch while recording onto a VHS tape deck. When we are done recording, we do playbacks and critiques, showing the scenes on a ceiling mounted electric screen that comes down.

The system has worked well for us, but I’m thinking it’s definitely time to update!

So on the recording side, do you recommend recording onto a Digital Recorder? (someone recommended an Ikegami SDR-304 as an inexpensive option). Or should I look to record onto a PC hard drive and use some kind of software? Ideally I would like to continue using the Videonics MX-1 Video Mixer, because the large buttons make it easy for live switching between the master and 2 close-ups.

On the camera input side, I don't use the cameras for recording - only for their video feed. So I don't care about their internal recording capabilities. Any suggestions on 3 inexpensive digital cameras for this purpose? The main concerns are that they handle the set bright overhead lights well, have a flip out viewing screen, and have a good AV/HDMI out that can feed into the recording device well.

Audio is handled thru an overhead mic or boom, and mixed in.

Any input would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!

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