It must be tough competing against the likes of Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and even Vudu. Surely this notion dawned on whoever had to make the decision to pull the plug on FilmStruck , a movie streaming service that focused on independent films that was managed by Turner Classic Movies.

Filmstruck was launched just two years ago but did not survive the acquisition of WarnerMedia by AT&T.

The announcement was not part of a press release, instead it came to the attention of the press when visitors started receiving the following message:

"We regret to inform you that FilmStruck will be shutting down. Our last day of service will be November 29, 2018, and we are currently no longer enrolling new subscribers.

All current FilmStruck subscribers will receive an email with details about your account and the refund process as applicable. Please see the options below for more information or email the customer service team at [email protected]

We would like to thank our many fans and loyal customers who supported us. FilmStruck was truly a labor of love, and in a world with an abundance of entertainment options – THANK YOU for choosing us."

The service was priced at $10.99 per month including access to the Criterion Collection, otherwise it costs $6.99 per month.

According to a statement from Turner and WB Digital Networks that was published by , the content from the service, which included The Criterion Channel, appealed to a niche audience, noting that "We’re incredibly proud of the creativity and innovations produced by the talented and dedicated teams who worked on FilmStruck over the past two years.

While FilmStruck has a very loyal fanbase, it remains largely a niche service. We plan to take key learnings from FilmStruck to help shape future business decisions in the direct-to-consumer space and redirect this investment back into our collective portfolios."

Well, OK then. Welcome to the graveyard of niche digital streaming services, FilmStruck. Well timed, I'd say, with Halloween just days away.