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hey folks.

With the help of the two people in my last post, I only have a couple more issues to cover before my HTPC will be ready [well, then I need to put it together. ;) ) that I was hoping you could help me out with:

The hard drive I have is a Western Digital 75gb, 7200rpm hdd...

I know it might be a less than ideal solution when compared to the seagate, but unfortunately my funds are already strained getting everything else, and I got the WD for a killer price....

Even with that in mind, I think the western digital drive is fairly loud...getting up to about 39dba average when writing/seeking.

Model: WD750BBRTL (the 75gb version doesn't show up on WD's website, but the 80gb specs should suffice)

I thought I had a solution found in the Silent Drive Enclosure by Molex...

if you would, take a look at it here:

, but that has me kind of worried, since it says to check that the hdd has an idle watt consumption of 6.8w or less, whereas I believe my hdd is [at idle] 7.5w (got this information, which I *think* is right, at:)

(drive size is different, but same model),

*BUT* it meets the temperature requirement of 55 degrees C.

So...do you think I should go ahead and try it anyway?

One last issue:

I believe the radeon I got [7200 64mb agp] has a fan on it...

Would any of you happen to know how many db that thing will pump out?

If it may be significant, would you happen to have a less noisy cooling recommendation handy? ;) (btw, I'm in a microATX case, so any cooling solutions can't be EXTREMELY huge)

All help is *extremely* appreciated, as I've looked to you people for pretty much all my HT needs...from my projector to my receiver, and now to my HTPC.

I'm pretty dang excited, since this HTPC should, in theory, allow me to get the max enjoyment out of the equipment I referred to above!

While our Home Theater toys are certainly expensive [lol, one of my friends almost dropped to the floor when they heard that I spent, "Over $1000," on my projector]...but they're SOOOO worth it!!!!! >:]

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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