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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - Australian release on July 4th

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Hi all,

Havent heard of this release being rumoured or announced elsewhere, but Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced the film to be released in Australia on July 4th, along with Ghost Rider.
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Nice.. most Sony Intl release will make it, before, on the same date, or after. Like Hellboy for example. I got the DVD, but it's very very soft, on purpose, i wonder if in HD it will be more HD like for CGI (sharper)
I'd rather have a release date for Advent Children.

Spirits Within wasn't very good imho
The Spirits Within is one of those CGI movies that has "artificial grain" added to the DVD release for "artistic reasons" so I'm not sure what the Hi-Def version will look like. I have no real issues with other hi-def releases that have the same thing (Monster House), but it's clear it makes the image not pop as much as a non-grained CGI feature.

Originally Posted by Maxpower1987 /forum/post/0

Damn, Sony please give us Advent Children!

Yes, AC would be a must buy for me.
Agreed AC was phenomenal. Definite purchase if released.
AC is just a CG demo. If you didn't play FFVII (some of us didn't you know) you'll be completely lost.

I like Spirits Within. At least they tried to do something original. In any event, there's room for both. Sony said they'd release AC here first, but it's looking as if something must have happened to change that, as Spirits Within is on track for a French release in August as well.
AC may be limited in it's appeal, but it also has a much bigger problem. The DVD master was rendered at only 720x480.. it was not a high-def master. I've done CG for a long time now, and once I watched it on my HD set, I realized that the raw renders were low-res. It's visible in the way the edges behave, the shadowing, procedural texturing and the like, flaws that aren't visible on Spirits Within, which saw a theatrical release and was rendered in HD.

Luckily, it's been a few years since AC was made, and it can be re-rendered relatively easily at higher resolution, what with today's faster computers and all. I'm sure they've been working on it for a while now, since it was known Sony was supporting a new HD video format.
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