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I have been running Vista RC2 for several months and have been streaming recorded OTA HDTV and regular WMV videos to an Xbox 360. The streams playback fine however searching (as in FF and RW) has always been chopy as best. When you finally find the scene you want and then push play, not only does the video take a few seconds to stablize, the video may not stop anywhere close to where you think it will.

I am underwhelmed with Media Center so far. This is the case too even with low bit rate WMV. My hard drive or network isn't the problem. The problem is either 1) The Xbox 360 is just terrible at decoding video (probable since the stuff off the market place has these problems) or 2) Media Center in RC2 is just unrefined.

I see that some retailers have started selling Vista today and I am tempted to buy it however I don't think I will get what I am looking for. I am hoping to get better performance in Media Center when streaming to the Xbox 360. I do however think that the problem isn't with the software in my computer, the problem seems to be that the Xbox 360 is just terrible at processing video.

Has anyone used a final version of Vista and found that Media Center works any better with an extender than the version found in RC2?
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