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Finally finished -- Thanks to AVS Forum saved $2500

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It took 12 months and a ton of reading on and advice from this forum, but I have finally put my system together. I feel I have put a more than modest system together at a great value.

Here is the family room HT:

Panasonic 42pwd7uy EDTV Plasma

Pioneer VSX-1014 Receiver

Denon 1600 DVD Player

Samsung Directivo 120 hours

Athena AS-F2 Towers (2)

Athena AS-R1 Bi-pole Surrounds (x2)

Athena AS-C1 Center

Klipsch KSW-10 250W 10" Subwoofer

Here is the study HT:

Pioneer Pro730 HD RPTV

Pioneer VSX-1015 Receiver

Oppo DVD Player

Zenith HD DTV receiver

XBox and PS2

Athena AS-B2 Front (2)

Athena AS-F1 Surrounds (x4)

Athena AS-C1 Center

Dayton 100W 10" Subwoofer

Thanks to all for your help. The systems sound great (even my wife has commented on the great sound. Just as nice I had budgeted $6000 for this and came in at $3500 for the Family room. With the sales I was able to come in at 3600 for the second HT.

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Any other pio elite owners with the oppo dvd? be interested in your experiences and discussing settings.
Originally Posted by baggins
I had budgeted $6000 for this and came in at $3500 for the Family room
Wow... I don't think I've spent under budget for a single thing... (from my initial impression...). Of course, that just meant my budget changed... congrats on being able to spend quite a bit less.

I think the problem I have is listening/viewing a particular component a bit under budget, at budget, and above budget... guess what typically wins. :)
I generally have that same problem. Video is my curse normally as I tend to notice every flaw with the screen/picture. In this case it was a combination of both performance and price.

The Panny was an easy choice for the family room where standard DirecTV and DVD's would be the only sources. An HD screen would have been nice but almost overkill.

The Pio Elite RPTV has the best HD picture I have seen to date and I have yet to have it ISF calibrated (next month). True if the price hadn't come down so drastically I would have bought a plasma with a lesser screen, but that would have been a compromise on picture quality for footprint and price.

I liked the Denon receivers but felt I got equal to better performance at half the cost thanks to the Pio 1014/1015. A true find.

I was considering the Rockets or B&W 601s for speakers but after listening to them all felt that while they were in fact slightly better sounding in my mind they weren't $1000+ better. I felt 90% (95% with the as-f2 and as-r1 setup) performance for 1/3rd the cost was the best decision for my room -- and my marriage!

It was a hell of a lot of fun accumulating, setting up, calibrating, and cabling/wiring the rooms. I promised the wife I would keep everything at least 2 years before changing anything -- it was so much fun, I am crossing off the days already!
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Heh, I promised my wife we'd keep the 32" Sony WEGA (SDTV) we got four years ago for 10 years, and then I wanted a projector... so I just got the projector, and kept the TV... heh. (She's not complaining by the way...) :)
nice system, i just bought my first ouse so i hope to have something like hat one day
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