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Finally got the G15

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Oh man. I am so jealous! I have a G15 on the way as well. But I won't be getting it for a week or two. The wait was already killing me, but reading your post will probably keep me up nights in anticipation! Thanks alot!

Out of curiosity, what did William charge for the calibration? How much was shipping? How long did it take to get your projector back? Details please!
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William's price (at the time of my calibration) was $700 with a $100 AVS forum discount. Shipping was about 80 dollars (times two because of the outside calibration.) The calibration took about a week when you include the shipping times, though William can get booked up sometimes as far as I know. (BTW, his forum name is "wm" in case you weren't aware.)

Fortunately the wait wasn't too bad because I was on a week-long vacation while it was being shipped around; it got here the day after I got back =)

Congratulations, Paul! That sounds awesome.

Have a great weekend http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif .
It arrived yesterday. Calibrated by William Phelps.

Well, let me just quote the email I sent William today:

"Unbelievably stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. Frighteningly beautiful. Worth every cent, and then some.

Thanks for your fantastic work calibrating the projector William. Like I mentioned, I have an uncalibrated base-line G11 here at work to use as a kind of comparison, and this calibrated G15 is in a completely different league altogether. I've personally never seen ANY kind of display (plasma, CRT, etc) that looks this good. The pixel-perfect output of the HTPC coupled with the incredibly vibrant colors, picture depth, and stunning contrast... man I could go on and on. Last night was video bliss =)

Thank you again William for the great service and the great product. The check is in the mail."

That's not an exageration. As many on the forum have described before me, a properly calibrated G15 is pretty much video perfection =) It's an image that leaves you saying "Well, there isn't much I can think of which could make this picture better." and in my opinion is higher quality then a movie theatre's picture (assuming a good DVD transfer.) I'm projecting onto a home-made (and fairly crappy) grey screen right now, my greyhawk should arrive any day and at that point I'll take some pictures and post to this thread.

Thank you to everyone who helped me research this product through their advice and pointers along the way. It was worth holding out for =)

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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