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Finding NHT Superzero/Superone in the UK?

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I'm considering replacing B&W 601 for rears with NHT Superzero or Superone's- to match my NHT HDP-2 sides, Kef Reference 2.2 mains, Kef 200 centre. Side & Rear speakers must be wall/bookshelf.. so no daft recommendations of 2.2's all-round! :D

I also have the chance of purchasing Definitive Technology BP-1X and BP-2X for about half price.

Room is quite small -4m x 4m. I cannot find any NHT dealers in the UK..nor find any Superzero/one stocks in Europe.

Are there any NHT suppliers in the UK that export?

Any thoughts appreciated for....

1) Changing B&W rears for non-matching Def. Tech Bipole BP 1/2's

2) Changing B&W rears for matching Super line..

3) Leave it.

Not too sure of the Superzero (having 85hz LF) thinking the Superone is the better option (will set to small 80hz)

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Hummm. So you want to replace B&W's in the rear with NHT superones (which have been discontinued for at least 2 years) to match your NHT HDP-2 sides? All this with a KEF front end setup?

I just don't get it. Why not get some small KEF's for the back 4 and be done with it?

I know, I know, no daft recommendations. Onecall.com is about the only place you can still find superones/zeros.

I guess you are saying the NHT's match the KEF's but the B&W's don't?
Well finding matching Kef Reference bookshelves (or non direct surrounds) from the similar line would be the RDM One/Two's. They are way OTT quality wise for rear speakers. Or the TDM34DS THX rears- but these are not reference drivers.. and I've been by a trustworthy source are inferior in sound quality to the NHT dipoles. I prefer (and need) slimish side speakers- bookshelf with bracket will be too big.

The HDP are great speakers- don't wish to sell them off. Just get the matching NHT's is possible.

Yeah spotted onecall- Zero's are excellent price.. but they don't sell outside the US. :-(

[edit] Yeah planning on replacing the B&W to match the sides. That should help side/rear panning. I think partial mixing is OK as long as high quality (good sounding) speakers are used.

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