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Fine Tune TV tuner in Win7MCE?

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I've been using an HDHomeRun unit for the last several years. Things where going pretty well up until a few days ago. I was getting a lot of broken up recordings.

I chalked it up to needing an antenna adjustment. I finally played with it some, but found that even after adjusting the antenna I'm still getting an intermittent blocky picture, even with good signal strength. 80%+.

I've tried upgrading to the latest HDHomeRun software and firmware.

Also the Registry network throttle fix.

No dice.

Wondering if there is a way to fine tune the signal...Or any other ideas of why I'm getting the blockiness even with a good strong signal.

*EDIT* NM, I was able to address the problem by unplugging and replugging in my ethernet cable. I'm using a powerline adapter for my ethernet connection to my PC. For the most part the powerline adapter has worked well, anytime it's been the culprit in the past the little green light indicator let me know. This time around it didn't.


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