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I am trying to dail in my volume settings for my velo DSP 12 sub that sits on concrete and 3 of for wall are insulated and drywall of concrete (basement). My AVR is denon 3808. I have set the sub volume to 53 (out of 100) and jazz mode (refernce on the sub). Audessy set it at -4 level. For music it sounds great and concerts dvds too. For movies it provides a crystal clear audio experience but very little tactile (rattle) response.

Changing to movie setting helps a bit but what the avr is turned up to -8 I feel the rattle but rest of audio is too loud. Turning up the sub helps but is over powering for anything but action movies.

The question is am I better to turn the volume up on the Sub when needed (pain with the controls provided) or adding +db to the sw channel in the avr when needed but keeping the sub volume at near mid level? I have fairly beefy speakers with crossover set at 60hz for the fronts, 90 hz for center and surrounds. BTW Audessy wanted 40hz for fronts 60 for center and 80 for surrounds but preferr the sub to handle these ranges for power reasons. Is there a draw back to turning up the signal (db) coming from the avr instead of turning up the volume on the sub?
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