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Fingerprints on new bulb?

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I'm in the process of replacing bulb number four in my infocus in82...close to 8000hrs now. I always use latex gloves in the process to avoid skin contact, unfortunately I decided to swap the bulb with my 7 year old daughter at home. I left the bulb on the kitchen counter while I removed the projector from the ceiling. Next thing I know my daughter comes into the theater room... bulb in hand, and "wanting to help".

Is it safe to use rubbing alcohol or some other cleaner on the bulb? Any suggestions?
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Never have had to do that, but I think that would be a good idea and I do not see how it could make it worse.
Rubbing alcohol has something added to it so you can not drink it without getting sick,. You need denatured alcohol if you are going to try this. I would do more research before doing anything.
When I was doing AV in high school, we always wiped projector bulbs with denatured alcohol and a cotton swap before putting them into the projector. Otherwise, it is said, the skin oils would burn the bulb out.

Exactly the advice I was looking for...thank you. I'll pick up some denatured alcohol after work and give it a shot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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