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I am finishing my basement and have been looking for a solution that'll allow me
to do the following:

1. Play sound from my TV to a number of ceiling speakers placed throughout the basement
2. Play music from a USB stick to the ceiling speakers
3. Play music from a device (like an iPod/iPhone/Android device) to the ceiling speakers

Those are the basic requirements.

I am not an audiophile. I just need a decent receiver and some decent ceiling speakers. I am not
looking to spend 1000s of dollars on this either. I do want the sound to be "rich" and not tinny.

Here's the receiver I am considering to buy: Denon-AVR-X2200W

And here is the type of ceiling speaker I am considering: Infinity-CS60R

I plan to buy 6 ceiling speakers in total.

I have attached a drawing of the basement layout with indication of where I plan to place the ceiling speakers.


Ideally, it would be awesome if the receiver would allow me to create 2 "sound zones" so that
I can send the same sound to both zones or send one sound to one zone and another sound source
to another zone and set the volume level of each zone individually. For example, Zone 1 could be
the ceiling speakers (4) which are not directly above the sitting area where I watch TV. And Zone 2
could be the ceiling speakers which are above the sitting/TV area (2). In that case, I would love to
be able to send the TV sound at one volume level to Zone 2, and music from a USB stick would be
played to Zone 1 at another volume level. Is this possible?


1. What do I need to buy besides the receiver and the speakers? Obviously I need to buy cables
so that the general contractor can run the cables from the receiver to wherever they need to
go. But which cables should I buy? And is there anything else I need to buy besides cables?

2. How should the speakers be placed to get the best "sound experience". I have indicated in
the drawing how I intend to have the ceiling speakers placed, but I'm not sure if the placement
is "correct" or optimal.

Thank you in advance.


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Ceiling speakers won't be the best choice for your seating area with your TV the way you have them set up. You would be better to place those two speakers in the wall on both sides of the TV.

There's probably better placement for the the other speakers as well.
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