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I know I'm not the only one experiencing dropped frames every few minutes on HD channels. Here's my experience:
  • More apparent on HD national channels - less on local HD channels
  • Some HD channels are worse than others (TNT-HD is unwatchable)
  • Worse in the evenings
  • Recorded shows seem to been immune

This has been an ongoing issue with me from the start. Both PVR boxes have been swapped twice. I refresh the boxes frequently.

Also, when I power up in the AM, the picture is frozen and I have to switch channels to get live TV. I attribute these issue to the crappy MOTO boxes. Evey Verizon engineer I speak to readily admits the HD-PVRs are crap. So I wait for them to be replaced (Scientific-Atlanta) because the picture is superior (other than the dropped frames) to COX and SAT, my other options.
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