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I've been lurking on a few of these audio forums for a while and this is my first post. I just bought my polks last week and they are a HUGE upgrade from my previous setup (2.0) I read through the stickies and faqs but im still unsure of how to go about this 100% although i know its not going to be perfect.

My question is that I want to have 5.1 sound but my seating area is won't allow speakers next to them, i've looked into dipole speakers as a solution but I'm not sure if they would be better than regular bookshelves, which I haven't picked out yet. I'm worried that the sound will bounce off the door with a dipole on the left and won't reach the couch. The room is small about 11x12 with 1ft l shape for the door junction (exaggerated a little on the doorway in diagram) I can't move the seating forward because of limited space that the diagram doesn't show and i'd be kinda too close to the tv.

thanks for any help
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