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(In response to query on How is HDTV with the new DBTEC receiver)

> How is it?


> User friendly?

Pretty much. Takes about 5mins to do the full channel scan but then after

that changing channels is only a matter of seconds. I didn't have a Thompson

or other stb before but from what I've read that aspect was quite slow.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. There isn't much in the way of onscreen

settings. The switch on the back to adjust the output type would have been

convenient in the menus, but maybe that's a technical issue, don't know.

> Any problems?

None yet, except the occasional sound / video sync problem although again

from what I've read here that's a broadcast issue and not specific to a stb.

I must admit I'm a little dissappointed with the quality of sd

transmissions, but I'm new to digital tv and also the flick between sd and

hd is very significant. I do like the signal strength indicator but as I get

close to 100% it's another reason why the sd dissappoints me (only a bit).

> Picture quality?

Nothing short of fantastic IMHO. I could almost watch the channel 10 demo

channel all day. I don't demo to my friends with a DVD anymore, I use the hd

demo http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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