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Long time lurker here. I've been a home theater enthusiast since the mid 90s (when I was a teenager) but never had a place with room for a dedicated ht room. We are in the process of building a new home, and I made sure space for a theater was included.

The space is about 20x17, no windows. I talked to an installer about putting in a theater room but they will charge thousands of dollars to wire the room and install everything, which is a lot of money considering its new construction and running speaker wires and cables shouldn't be that difficult. I don't know anything about wiring or running cable, but our home builder said he would help me do it.

My two biggest concerns are soundproofing and installing the projector properly if I decide to do it myself:

1) For soundproofing, I have decided to do green glue and double drywall. I've calculated the cost of materials for that. It's a one story house, and one wall has the garage on the other side, one wall has the outside on the other side, one wall has a hallway on the other side, and the back wall has the laundry room and master bathroom on the other side. The only wall I'm really especially concerned with is the back one because I don't want sound leaking into the master bath and potentially the master bedroom. Does DD and GG sound sufficient, or would it be necessary to add clips/channels to the walls? Also, how much would materials for clips/channel cost for a room that size? The builder doesn't know a lot about soundproofing but said he'll help me with trying to soundproof the ht room (he's a custom home builder who runs his own construction company, and he's local and lives pretty close to me, so I'm lucky that I'm not dealing with a large company that is just trying to throw something up asap).

2) I've calculated speaker placement, seating distance, screen size and placement, and the throw distance for the projector I'm looking at, so I think I know where to run the cables to and to install he projector on the ceiling, but I'm looking for any advice with getting the projector aligned and set up. I'm looking at getting the BenQ 1075HT with a Silver Screen 120" 16:9 screen. Would it be better to run a power cable to the projector through the wall or put an outlet in the ceiling to power it? I've seen a lot of projector install diy articles before, but I still don't feel comfortable installing it correctly by myself. But I want to do it, so anything that can help me would be great.

I'm looking to go budget for now. I plan on using my current front and center speakers and sub and trying to run the cables myself to save money. I've picked out the other components I want, too, for the most part. I'm just uncertain about the best course to take for soundproofing and how to do the projector install myself. Thanks for any input you can give!
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