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Hello All,

Thanks to all that have provided their input in other threads, I've found this forum to be quite helpful. I've been interested in stereos ever since I got my first car about 15 years ago, and just within the last year have upgraded from the generic HTIB setups that I've used at home over the years. Currently in my basement setup I have the following:
Sony STR-DN1050 Receiver
JBL GHE1000V Towers
Bose 301 Series IV Surrounds
Sony SS-CN490 Center
M&K MX-150THX Subwoofer

Some pictures to give you an idea what I'm working with, the room is probably 9500 ft^3 give or take, with an open stairwell to the first floor.

The sub is tucked in on the right side there behind the couch

I've found this to be one of the better spots for the M&K


And lastly the surrounds


I used to have a ~100 watt Sony 12" ported sub to the left of the TV, but have moved that to the living room where I've also upgraded from a basic HTIB setup. I wanted to go the DIY route to replace it, and ended up with the Dayton Audio UM18-22 and SA1000. I see there are some other less expensive amps, like the inuke models, but I noticed those after I bought the SA1000. I don't think I'll be disappointed but we shall see.

I had initially planned to go with Dayton's home theater recommendation of an 8 ft^3 box with three 4" ports around 29" in length, so I bought six precision port 4" flared ends that I will adapt to 4" abs pipe that I already have. They have a 12 ft^3 recommendation for an infra-sub, which I've become curious about. I'm not really limited by space, and since I already have the M&K, I thought that might be a better option.

I listen to a fair mix of music and movies. I like a broad range of music, but definitely enjoy a significant amount of bass and often have some rap/hip hop playing with people over. I'd like to get reasonably deep for movies too, considering what I can accomplish with the Ultimax 18. I was thinking that maybe I ought to go with the larger box tuned lower for the Ultimax and rely on the M&K to make up for it. I'd likely place the Ultimax to the left of the tv, with the ports exiting the bottom of the front of the box.

I started to do some modeling in WinISD, and have done the 8 ft^3, the 12 ft^3, and one that I generated myself. Mine has some pretty high port velocities that maybe are ok with the flared ports on both ends, but I am leaning towards Dayton's 12 ft^3 box recommendation. It looks to me like a ~6db gain at 15hz for a ~3 db loss around the 20-30hz region. I grabbed the driver parameters from: Common Sub Driver WinISD Files

The three files are on my google drive, I couldn't upload them here. Let me know if these don't work and I'll try something else.

DA_8CF = Dayton's Home theater Recommendation
DA_12CF = Dayton's Infra Sub Recommendation ( My vote for now)
ANW_12CF = My attempt at a middle ground, though with rather high port velocities

I think I've covered the relevant info. I appreciate the help! I just want to make sure I'm making a good choice before spending a ton of time building a box.
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