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First DIY speaker project thread!

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I have been wanting to do this for years (literally), but every time I started to get things together my plans changed (time, money, etc.).

However, I am finally going to build something- no excuses.

My plans are to follow one of zaph's designs. This is the design I really want to use (seas waveguide). But I already have a pair of the poly cone woofers, http://www.madisound.com/catalog/pro...oducts_id=1464 . If I could use them instead of these I would be set. Any input on this?

Another idea would be this kit. Sound pretty good and cheap, just not all that exciting to me.

Aside from these, any kit that uses a couple Dayton reference speakers would be interesting to me.

Also, I am not against the idea of designing my own speaker. The problem is- I would need quite a bit of help. Especially with designing a crossover... and box too probably. Following someone's else's designs seams like it would be much easier for me.
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I have been looking around some more. The modula designs on HT guide look good. But with the complex crossover and all new drivers, they are looking expensive.

I really want to do zaph's waveguide design. It sounds like exactly what I want. I have experience with similar drivers too what is used in the design and was very happy with them. However I want to save myself some money and use the poly cone woofers that I already have.

The real question I have now is... are the specs on the two different woofers close enough that it would not throw the design off? And if not, what would have to be changed?
I am now leaning towards zaph's all metal design with integrated side firing subs. Doing something like this will allow me to budget enough money to build a center channel, and have subs right away.

Now I am wondering how people high pass their mains when they are not running them full range? Do most receivers do this? or should I look into building passive high pass filters for the mains when running a sub?
I have been wanting to do this for years (literally), but every time I started to get things together my plans changed (time, money, etc.). However, I am finally going to build something- no excuses.

I remember you from CAF home audio section, ~1.5 years ago. You wanted to build an NSB line array, then transmission line speaker, etc.

Don't integrate the subs into mains. This cripples your options later if you need to

relocate the subs to another part of the room for best sound. Plus, subs are usually

the first upgrade itch. Your mains may be nice for years but you may drool for more

bass. It easier to keep the sub seperate. Receivers should allow high passing the mains,

look at the receivers you plan to use and see what options they have. That would be

the ideal situation vs. making a passive high pass circuit.
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Yep, that is me alright. I have had many plans in the past but most ended up being too complicated or expensive for my time/skills/budget. As you can see now, I am trying to stay on the simpler side.

This will be the first, but not the last system I build. My goal is to build something that will sound decent without getting too much money tied up. (whatever I build I'm sure I will be upgrading sometime in the future) I think the aluminum set from Zaph will threat me good for now.

This is the receiver I have to use (free)
sony de515 I don't think it does any filtering... However I think this could be replaced very cheaply with something used off ebay that would better meet my needs.
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I just found a new design at parts express that looks pretty interesting. It uses cheap drivers, but the design looks cool.


Any comments on how this would compare to zaph's design?
If you want to build something relatively inexpensive but still quality, why not Zaph's BAMTM?


Pretty interested in that design. I was about to order parts until seen the new design from parts express. However, I am still leaning towards zaph's aluminum mtm. Just looking at the drivers, I would expect bigger/better sound.
Well, Zaph's uses higher quality drivers (and they obviously cost more), but I think it'd be worth it.
I think so too. The thing that really worries me about the parts express design is the tweeter. Zaph's on the other hand uses a well respected seas tweet which I am already familiar with.

Any recommendations on where to order the crossover parts from... PE or madisound?
I will sometimes shop from both if I can save a bit of $$$, but you'll be just fine with either PE or Madisound.
Zaph's BAMTM has a much better crossover network. I've heard a good number of people who like them, and I'll probably be building some for a friend soon. I also agree with you on the tweeter. The Seas tweeter will out perform the DC28 by a fair margin.
Anyone have advice for working with veneer? or a link?




I am thinking of doing a piano black finish, or a really rough, dull, maybe textured off-black color.

I kind-of know how the process works, except for working around corners and things like that.
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Just about to place the orders...

Now I am debating weather or not to build a center channel at this time? The main purpose of this project will be music, but I will be watching a fair amount of movies on through it also.

Rear speakers will be coming later, depending on how this project turns out. Should I build the center channel now, or wait until later?????
Wait until you build the rears, because the center will be otherwise useless.
Looks like you already decided to build Zaph's BAMTM. But you still consider his WG TMM? I think the Seas P18RNX poly cone woofers, a pair of which you said you already have, can be a drop-in replacement for the CA18RNX in the design. Their frequency response, impedance curve, and TS parameters are all very, very close to each other. VAS is a bit different, but you can tweak the design's bass response using different tuning options. I don't see any reason you can't use P18RNX instead of CA18RNX for a good result.

I think BAMTM is also a good choice.

Just when I thought I had a plan... Hearing that the p18 would probably take the CA18's place brings be back to my original plan. The waveguide was the first design that really got me interested.

If I opt for only 2 channels, then the waveguide will probably be the ticket.

BTW, thanks to everyone for the advice, and if anyone has a second opinion on switching out the seas drivers, it would be appreciated.

EDIT: questions about the waveguide-

-when ordering an inductor or capacitor I have not idea what to look for other than values. There are often different types and brands, anything I should look for?

-I think the minimalist crossover will suit me fine unless someone sees a problem with it. As you could probably tell, I dont need perfection with this speaker.
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.... for one of the inductors zaph lists is 4.0 mH, and .21 ohms

is that a misprint? I don't anything with values like that, the resistance is way off.
It's probably a steel core. Check the sledgehammers at madisound.

This one you think?,

madisound dosent list the resistance....
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