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First DIY sub.

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Hey all. Well after looking into buying subs and finding out I can't afford them because my room is too big and I would have to spend a lot to fill I decided to go the DIY route.

The room is an open basement that is about 20 000 cubic feet. The listening area is about 3000 cubic feet. And I would be mostly using it for movies. Size of the box doesn't really matter.

I'm pretty good at building stuff but speakers I wasn't too sure about the internal designs. My dads a carpenter and I'm a mechanic so I'm sure between the 2 of us we could put together a nice sub.

I would say I have about a $1000 max to spend. What would you guys suggest for an amp and sub. Also any suggestions on proven designs?

And one more thing how does one know how low in hz there sub can go? You have to buy some kind of messuring device or something?
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i'd go a little over your budget, 2 ported maelstroms, 1 ep2500/4000 amp, and a mic2200 for eq.

that should get you started into the realm of insane bass.
I put a Mach 5 18.2.2 in a 7.5 box with two PR's 18" 2100 grams driven by a Ep2500, used a Reckhorn B1 for subsonic and I am getting below 15 hz, but I did set the filter at 15, don't want to blow anything up. Sounds fantastic in a 3000 cf room. At another forum someone has a Maelstrom 18" with two of the 18" PR's for $450. Throw in a $250 EP along with a $100 Reckhorn and you are under budget.
$1000 is the max but not sure if I should really spend that much as I'm still a student and have to pay tuition. But if I could build something around $500-$700 I would definately jump in. Sorry should of said this before.
I am selling the Maelstrom and the 2 PR's that Sepen mentioned for my brother. $450 shipped to the lower 48.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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