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Hey folks,

I recently got my first home theater up and running, but I am in conflict and can not finish it.

Currently I own:

Samsung LN52A750

Marantz SR5003

PS3 (Audio, Video streaming)


Front - Paradigm Mini Monitor v6

Center - Paradigm CC-190 v5

Surround - old Sony crap-stuff.

My plan is to get the Paradigm Monitor 7 v6 & replace it as the fronts & put the Mini Monitors to the surround. The only issue I have w/ that is my Marantz will only output 90w per channel for 7 channels. The Monitor 7's maximum output power is 130 watt.

Should I get a separate amplifier for the Monitor 7s or will I be okay. (By definition of okay... I will not damage my speaker or receiver if I blast my audio up.)

Thanks for your many advices in advance. 'preciate it.
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