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So last night I was on the roof of my house and installed my antenna, aka step one in moving from pay satellite to free OTA TV. It still needs to be tweaked a bit, but I hope to have this entire process over and done with by the end of the year (aka end of the NFL season :).

The next step is building a decent HTPC (and maybe some "extenders" for other TVs in the house as well) so that I can still have some DVR capabilities. I'd like to have 2 HD tuners, with the ability to record 2 shows at once. I'd like to be able to play/rip DVD movies for now, play/rip blu-ray in the future (still using a PS3 for blu-ray). I'd like to be able to store a few hundred DVD movies/TV shows and such, as well as my music collection. When going to blu-ray in this HTPC, I'd like to still have HD audio capabilities like I do now with the PS3 (is that possible currently?). I'd also very much like it to be very low power and low noise.

Currently I have an old 8600GT, 2 GB RAM, a DVD burner, a suitable short-term case, and Windows XP home (Windows 7 on the way) left over from previous builds.

Would like to stay with Intel stuff as I'm very used to it, and have built with their parts before. Was thinking about getting the Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 9400 HDMI board, but then I wouldn't need the 8600GT (or would I?). Can this board do the things I want, or if I were to use the 8600GT could I get a cheaper board instead? I'd most likely get a Intel 5200 CPU, and one or two 1 TB hard drives. As for tuner(s), I could use some help in that area. What else am I missing here?

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide this HTPC beginner!
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