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First HTPC build, hardware list

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I'm planning my first HTPC build and looking for some advice. I put together a system using a DFI nF4 Ultra D motherboard and it's performed really well. Because of that I'm thinking of using the DFI Infinity RS482 for the HTPC. I've been researching my options for a short while and have compiled the following preliminary list:

AMD Athlon 3000+

DFI Infinity RS482

Enermax Liberty 400w PSU

Gyration RF keyboard suite

Hauppauge PVR-500 MCE

MS MCE remote

MCE 2005 OEM

OCZ Value Series 1GB (2x512) PC3200

Samsung Combo Drive (CD-RW/DVD-ROM)

Silverstone LC10 case (black)

Western Digital 250GB Sata 2 hdd

Thoughts or suggestions? I'm open to any advice that will help avoid potential problems or disasters, or lower the cost. I'm willing to spend around $1000 if necessary, but would prefer to lower the cost if possible without sacrificing too much. The HTPC will be used basically for watching and recording TV, as well as watching DVDs, and perhaps using the internet. I'm not planning on using it for gaming, ripping/burning discs, or anything else that's better suited for my main system.
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