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Well, I finally got my HTPC setup. My main quest was to be able to time-shift HDTV programming. I purchased a bare-bones MS-6215 made by MSI. Here's a run down of the hardware and costs:

MSI 6215 $197.00

Sound Blaster Audigy OEM $59.00

MYHD Card $299.00 powerbuy from Digitalconnection.com

Linksys USB Wireless Adapter $79.00

Creative CD-Rom $29.00

WD 20-gig HD $69.00

Maxtor Firewire 160-gig $299.00

VGA Breakout Cable $12.00

Windows XP OEM $100

Being able to record OTA HD $Priceless

Anyhow, I've made several recordings and I'm happy with the results. I'm using XP's built-in remote desktop controller software to control the PC, so I don't have to have a Monitor, Keyboard, and mouse connected to the machine.

If you do this, be sure to disable the overlay in the MYHD software and enable to the dual monitor setting. Hopefully MIT will make the OSD more powerful and we will be able to do everything via the remote that comes with the MYHD card.
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