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First Post, noob alert

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Hi there,

Been lurking here for quite a few years but finally decided to take the plunge. Question relating to optimal connections to get 120hz from the CX Oled from various sources.

How should I connect? Until today I have one HDMI (not sure if it's High Speed with ETH, and it's running in the wall hence reluctance to move the TV and check) connected to ARC/eARC port on the CX which runs to the Sr7012 receivers ARC port. Both have the latest firmware installed. Marantz claims that a firmware update will ensure eARC support on the unit.

I have then subsequently connected the PS4 and PC to the receiver.
When running PS4, the CX enables game mode and Dolby Vision, audio goes through AVR and into the 5.1.2 speakers. I am guessing this is correct and getting 120hz?
However, when trying to play GTA on the PC, connected to the AVR, things look poor. Stuttering and low FPS. It's a decent PC with a Ryzen 7 3700X, 32gb ram and a Radeon 5700XT, which is ample power to push 60+ FPS at 4K in GTA.

Could it be the cable that is too slow?

How have you folks connected similar setups and are you getting 120HZ from gaming PC's?
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Hej Hej,

I think trying a different cable would be a good first step.
You know that the PS4 works, so maybe take it out of the PS4 and into the PC?
(It should be an easy way to determine if it is the cable or not)

Next might be looking at the settings in the PC box.
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Unless you connect directly to the TV ARC/eARC isnt used. Thats for sending sound back through the HDMI cable from the TV to the AVR.
High speed with ethernet HDMI is old, not sure that matters so much with the low resolution of the PS4 but newer are Premium high speed and now Ultra high speed(for 8k and [email protected]). Remember that both cables matter and the length is basically both combined so if you have a bit of length on both cables that can cause issues.

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