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Good evening,


I am shopping around for my first projector which, ideally, would be under $600.


My current apartment does not get much light, so I am not particularly concerned about light output.

Right now I cannot decide whether I should get a 720p short throw or a 1080p normal throw (please let me know if my thought process is totally off and I should be thinking about something else instead). The room I will be using is 12' by 14', and since I am not planning to mount the projector on the ceiling (at least for the time being), my expected throw will be somewhere between 7' and 11' (it will be placed on a coffee table next to the couch, meaning that the distance from the couch to the screen will be about 10-11'). I understand that the 3' can make a big difference, but the wall corresponding to the sorter throw (7'-8') is better suited to serve as a screen. I have been looking at:


1)  ViewSonic PJD7820HD

Ouch. Price-wise, most (all?) 1080p seem to be outside of my comfort zone. This is borderline. Both ViewSonics will give me a 70" to 100" picture which sounds good...? I am slightly concerned about it's positioning and how well it will perform in my space.


2)  ViewSonic PJD5533W

The slightly cheaper than ST BenQ 720p ViewSonic. Again, not ST - will this perform fine in my somewhat limited space?


2)  BenQ W770ST

Obviously, I can have a much bigger picture form the same distance. But will the 720p be noticeable if I am sitting 10 feet away from the screen?


I will be projecting exclusively movies (no gaming), and I don't particularly care about 3D.


Comments and/or suggestions much appreciated! Thank you!
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