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This will be my first real 2-channel set-up, and I am comparing integrated amps and speaker combos. For speakers I am looking at the NHT Classic Three at the top of my budget and also Klipsch RB-61 ii, PSB Image B6, Kef Q300, or B&W 685. My main musical interests are rock and jazz, some funk and hip-hop, vocals, and movies. I am coming up from a Yamaha RX-V675 and Klipsch Synergy 5.0 set-up. My usage is 60/40 music/movies. I will later add a sub when i can afford one of the right quality.

Any opinions on Onkyo vs. NAD at this price/features-point? On the speaker choices, based on musical taste? i listen at low to moderate volume in small to medium sized rooms.

I like the Onkyo for it's build quality (40 lbs.) and dual DAC's, but I have been told by a Crutchfield rep that the NAD will outperform the Onkyo in terms of distortion and overall sound.

I am kind of moved by the Onkyo unit based on specs and YouTube videos (HA!), but can't audition either unit locally. Can anyone reflect on their experiences?

I know these choices are entry-level either way, so forgive me if I'm boring anyone. Both amps are above my initial budget; I was initially looking at the Marantz PM6005 and Yamaha AS-500 (would need to add outboard DAC to the Yamaha). There is also the Onkyo A-9050, which sells for about $399 and includes a DAC and 75 watts per channel, but I am concerned that with the SQ of a $400 unit I'd be better off staying with my Yamaha AVR and just doing a 3.1 speaker upgrade.

Anyone? Thanks.
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