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Hello everyone. Love this forum I haven’t posted in 10 years. I used to have a bic 12” pl I believe 100. I’m getting a new sub and thought I would build.

I bought mdf fiberboard today and cut into a square measuring 17”. I planned on cutting that in half for a triangular corner sub. I planned on using a Dayton 15” sub not reference or acoustimax. The sides are 2’ for hypotenuse and 17” by 40”.

Due to a calculation error I thought I had things dialed in, but it’s actually about 2.9 cu ft instead of the 3.83 I was aiming for based on parts express calculations fir a sealed enclosure.

I was going for quality LFE but could be persuaded to SPL and thus adding a port. I have more mdf so I could turn it into a rectangle, a pentagon or some other polygon. I could also buy a larger or smaller speaker more suited.

How much will this smaller volume effect the sound quality ?

I’m open to any suggestions from pros. Will measure room when I get home but believe it is around 9’x10’ w 12’ a frame ceilings and open to kitchen on one side. Currently have a velodyne 10” and an aura bass shaker.

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