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Hi AVS forum.

I bought a i1 Display Pro meter for calibrating my AE4000 projector about a week ago and after about 25 hours of calibrating and learning I ended up with a result that, math wise, should be close to my target but when I look at the picture everything seems much too warm.

  • I'm using a i1 Display Pro with HCFR on a AE4000 projector with > 4000h on the bulb.
  • The screen is a gain 1.0 127" 'true color' from Lissau (danish brand) and my projector is 6m (~20foot) away.
  • I'm calibrating the projector after DS75 and in normal picture mode instead of DS65 and cinema mode because my system is incredibly light starved. In default cinema mode my ftL is about 2... in normal mode it's about 5 and in dynamic about 8
  • The i1 is measuring towards the screen (about 10 cm from the screen) and all calibration pictures are from the AVS disk and 'fields'.
  • I have read the Calman guide, the HCFR and the chromapure guide.
  • I only adjust brightness, contrast, RGBY 10 point gamma adjustment and CMS. I'm not touching the global color, tint, temperature or high/low RGB

Here are some before and after pictures. (after 3-4 calibration iterations)
1_COLOR_TEMP_before.png 9k .png file
2_COLOR_TEMP_after.png 9k .png file
3_LUMINANCE_before.png 15k .png file
4_LUMINANCE_after.png 12k .png file
5_RGB_before.png 11k .png file
6_RGB_after.png 12k .png file
7_GAMMA_before.png 11k .png file
8_GAMMA_after.png 9k .png file

After calibration I end up on 4,3 ftL.

The only 'hint' I have found my self is that if I enable RGB on the luminance chart instead of just average, the red graph is very high! (sorry i don' t have a picture of that but we are talking +20-25% between 30-80 IRE)

But if I reset my calibration and try to calibrate after a correct luminance instead of a correct RGB my RGB gets completely screwed up. (red is between 60-70% in 0-100 IRE and blue is 110%) + color temp goes into >=8000K in 30-80 IRE... but the picture looks closer to my UltraSharp.

I have also successfully used the CMS to calibrate the primary and secondary with a dE between 0 and 2,5 on all colors without solving my problem. (with 75% patterns)

I have not done any saturation measurements/calibrations.

I'm looking/hoping for a hint or a test that can explain why my picture looks too warm even though it should be cool.

I can accept that my AE4000 cannot be calibrated to DS75 in normal mode, but with the knowledge I have right now I'm left with a 'but ... measurements wise the picture should be spot on! i must be missing something'

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Not sure if I am reading this right, but is your meter only 10 cm from the screen? If that is the case, you are too close and your meter is reading its own shadow. I was told 1-2 ft with my Colormunki Design. That may be why your fl are so low.

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Yes, it's only 10 cm from the screen but angled away from it's shadow.

I placed it like kal descriped in his HCFR guide.

"Using your tripod, place the sensor 3-4 inches from the screen, slightly below center, and titled upwards facing the screen as shown here for the Spyder2: "

so I assumed that was ok to place it like that.

I also just tried measuring the ftL at 2 feet, 5,3 in normal mode default settings, so it's with a margin of 0,2.

Good idea though
hadn't thought of that.
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