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Not looking for audio/visual top shelf stuff.

As a disclaimer, I'm not old or a NON-gadget freak. I have computers, PDA's, ipods, GPS, flat screen......... but I just didn't get on the DVD band wagon. Besides I watch shows on cable or go to the movie theater.

I have a new Sony KDL-32M3000 Bravia 32" LCD. I also have a PVR (I made) and a digital "HD" cable box.

For under $100 name brand (consumer) I'm looking at Philips or Sony with a HDMI out and/or component (because I am running out of HDMI inputs to the TV).

I guess I want upscaling?

Here are some models that caught my eye. Is upscaling needed or worth it?

Sony NS77H/B NS700H/B

Philips DVP5982, DVP5960/37

There all are around the $80 or under range. I probably going to just rent some DVD movies to watch.

Thanks for your expert opinion or just opinion.

PS as a second thought I have a PVR I made and use. I could add a DVD player/burner but figure the stand alone DVD deal would be better. Can I get a good picture off the computer. The PVR (computer) is already connected to the TV via the video card and DVI-HDMI cable.

I'll probably add the burner anyway simply because I might want to save some thing to a DVD disk. Right now I just record and watch off the hard drive and erase as I go. Any thoughts on this. Blue-Ray?

Probably not for awhile. Heck it took me 6 years to get a DVD.


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the hd dvr, both mentioned players (sources), and your tv all have their own deinterlacing (more important) and scaling. with hdmi you need to try each source (with each of its different output resolutions) with the tv to find out which combo gives the best picture to your eyes.

you may want to consult the manuals to figure out how to do this.

imo, upscaling via hdmi looks better than component video-but thats with my gear. and my eyes.
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