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Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon this forum a month ago and I've been reading up on home theater setups waiting for my wife to give me the go ahead. She finally did and I've put together a modest (and I do mean modest) home theater setup. I'm planning to stick with 3.1 now, and when I move into a place where I can run wires properly I'll upgrade to 5.1. I've made my selections as to what I believe would work the best (from what I've read), but I was hoping that I could get some comments/suggestions regarding my choices. If there are better valued components that would work, then by all means let me know.

AVR: Denon AVR-1909
Fronts: Energy - C-50
Center: Energy - CC50
Sub: Energy - ESW-8

Uses/Inputs: TV (Comcast DVR via HDMI), Movies/Music (PS3 via HDMI), Gaming (PS3 via HDMI, Wii via Component)
Room Size: Condo Living room (so think of a large rectangle, with the one end as the living room. The space amounts to about 12.5" x 12" but with 3 walls, 1 which has a large sectioned window).
Cabinet: Some Media stand from Ikea, similar to this: ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30138138 but with another row of shelves. (won't let me post links yet, so sorry for the mangled text link).

I need to stick to the $700 budget I have.

NOTE: I just realized that I put this in the wrong section, probably should have gone in the setup section sorry...

Note2: Removed prices, totally forgot about that rule. Sorry
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