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Hey Guys,

Ok I just bought the Sammy 67 LED... and now I need some nice audio to go along with it.

B4 coming to the speaker section I was originally going to just buy bose... but after a few days of reading I've decided not to. The system will be going to a 2 Bedroom apartment so I can't have it overly loud so I want something that sounds awesome low-mid.

My budget is $1200.00 + or - 200

Objective: 5.1

First Choice:

LR Front Tower - The JBL ES80

Rear LR Bookshelf - ES10BK

Center - JBLES25C

SUB - ES150P

Second Choice:

LR Front Tower - Infinity P252

Rear LR Bookshelf - Infinity P152

Center - Infinity PC250

Sub - Infinity PS-28

For a receiver I'm thinking about the Harman Kardon AVR254.

I'm open to all suggestions.



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I believe the Infinity 362 is on sale again at Frys B&M store for $200/pair. If you live near one, go and check it out....these are great deal for that price. It seems that it is regular price on their website, so you won't be able to order online.

I haven't done any research on the JBL ES 80 but read some great reviews on the JBL L890.

Harman Kardon will be a fine.

Monoprice.com will have all the wires, cables, and cords you'll ever need.

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At the outset, the idea of all speakers from one manufacturer is more appealing -- especially the Fronts and Center. Sub can be from a different maker more easily than the others.

Try these two reports for great comparisons of available higher-level 5.1 setups. You might be surprised...

It's a Two-Part Comparison Report and some of these look really appealing.

By the way, I have no feeling one way or another, but Bose suits many people just fine. Ease of use is one reason. But I think these systems beat their pants off -- and many are well below the $1500 Ceiling they placed on this report.
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