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Hey all

I am planning on building my first home theater setup.. I currently have a rear projection 65" TV but no reciever or speakers (just the TV speaker).. It's about 4 years old and I'm gonna ditch it and do something for real..

Catch is I'm on a 2nd floor apartment and the people below me certainly won't appreciate me cranking some bigtime bass or anything so... I'm going to skip on the subwoofer (and I won't be doing rears either since I don't want to get too crazy with wiring in a place I don't plan on being in for more thna a couple years)...

So my proposed setup currently is as follows:

Pioneer Kuro Elite Pro-151FD (60") Plasma

Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH (based on friends recommendation for the pioneer LINK with the Kuro)

2x Paradigm Studio 60's

Nintendo Wii

Sony Playstation 3 (for gaming and blu-ray playing)

High-end gaming PC

I have my heart set on the Kuro.. And the paradigm studio 60's seem like a fantastic buy for the money.. However I'm not completely sold on the reciever yet.. Are there better recievers for the same price point?

Any other suggestions for a first timer? I have been lurking the forums and reading up on stuff but I may be missing a bunch..



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Sounds like a decent set up. The pioneer is comparable to others in its price point IMO. Everyone has their own tastes and biases of course but if you know and like the Pioneer products I think you will be happy with the AVR. Other choices would be the Denon and Onkyo which you can take a look at in the audio section of the forums to see how others are comparing them in the various vs. comparisons found on the boards.

Best of luck

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