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First timer needs help

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Hi all, I'm new here on the forum. I'm looking into buying my first Flat panel TV and I'm haven't really read up on what technology is being used (what is good, what is bad). I have been looking through some of the posts but I'm still not sure what to get. I'm looking to spend around $2000 on a set but I am totally lost. Here's what I'm looking for something with HDMI, PC and Component inputs. A great picture and good sound. I'm thinking an LCD is the way to go. Right now I'm looking at a Samsung LN-S4092D. Any input on sets would be very much appreciated. Also would you recommend buying the TV online or from a local store. I know there has probably been a lot of threads like this but I could really use the help. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum.

There are so many variables here and of course everyone wants " A great picture and good sound". Much of the time the inputs you want may not be in the price range you stated. Also there seems to be some problems with some of the cheaper sets. Perhaps a good place to start looking is the Panasonic line which generally has a good reputation. As you get a little more specific you will probably start getting more responses. Good luck.
How big a display are you looking for and what will the sources be? DVD, Cable/Sat HDTV, SDTV, HD-DVD, PC, Gaming, etc?
Looking for something in the high 30" to 40" range. It would used for digital cable (HD when I have the cash for it), PC, Gaming and DVD. My plan is to get the PS3 when it comes out and use it as the DVD player since it will be blue ray and suppose to be 1080i. Anyway I have been looking at CC and definitely like the Samsung LN-S4051D. But I would still like to hear some more options.
While not Ideal for gaming or PC last week I was in CC and really loved the Hitachi 42 HD42S52 Plasma. Price was better then the 40" LCD's from Sony and Samsung and the picture quality could not be touched. Two HDMI inputs and all. While I like LCD's (I own a 32") LCD's cannot touch plasmas for PQ or price. Just something to think about.
Found a Samsung LN-S4092D at a pretty good price can anyone comment on this display? Also is there a setup disk to help prolong the life of the display? I thought it was like "D.V.S. or D.E.S." or something like that.

Found it Digital Video Essentials
Welcome to the forum!

The LN-S4092D is a nice panel, good colors, reliable brand. Is this going to be used for video games at all?
Yes it will be used for video games. Mainly PS3 when it arrives :D . I have actually been thinking of just saving some extra cash and waiting for the LN-S4096D to come out. I figure, I've waited this long whats another month or so.
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