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Hello all,
I finally decided to take the plunge and get myself a PJ and screen. The problem is I know nothing about it... I've been doing some reading in here and other forums but it's seriously confusing to me.
I live in a town home so the living room has a high ceiling (about 16 feet) with a window above which would be at a 90 degree angle from the screen and there's some stairs going up that bring some light too. I do have blackout curtains for all the downstairs windows in the living room though.
So the room is not really light controlled unfortunately.
My viewing distance would be about 10 feet and I have another 10 feet behind the couch where I hope to be able to mount the PJ, hopefully far enough so I wouldn't be able to hear its fan too much (if it's loud, no idea). The ceiling there is about 8 feet high.

After my readings, I guess I need to get a 100'' 16:9 screen or else that would be too big and would put a strain on my eyes?

Right now I have a Kuro 60'' Plasma and of course I love the quality that I get from it so I would need something similar for the PJ and screen.
The screen would need to be mounted on the wall and go down in front of the TV so because of the stupid fireplace ledge, it would have to be mounted at about 10 inch from the wall, is that possible?

So what I need is the best PJ I can get. I don't care about 3D but I would like it to be controllable by network (if it's even possible), quiet.
For the screen, something motorized would be cool and maybe tensioned, if it's not too much more.

For the budget, I really have no idea. Would $2000-2500 be enough?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help you might offer :)
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