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Ok i finally broke down and bought a TV. Here is the what i have bought so far and what i think i may buy in near future.

Viewing distance: 12 feet

open floor format with sliding glass door that has blind that blocks about 90% of light.



20 to 25% Games

10% sports ( ya i got to buy cable now)

25% regular TV

TV: Samsung Model LN46A650

Stand: VICTORIA FLT PNL TV STAND (long stand to hook the tv into)

Bluray player: PSP 60 or 80g can not remember


HDMI Cable, BJC Series-F2 28 AWG Belden Bonded-Pair, 6 foot, Black



(think i am going to take back the monster if i do not see any difference)


MONSTER TV CLEANING KIT 19.95 (think i was ripped on this one but only 20 dollars)

Up in the air:

Surge protector:

Monster Cable HDP 2400 High Definition Powercenter


MONSTER MP HTS 1600 8-Outlet, Stage 2 Home Theater Reference Powercenter

Please give me your opinions on both of these powercenters. I know that i could buy a surge protector for 50 dollars however this will be in view so i want it to look nice.

Three part question:

is there any problems with above units?

Comparable unit that pleasent to the eye (less than 200 dollars)

Offer added services/advantages to above units?

In addition, do you feel i need anything else?

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Sounds like a great setup but all that $$$ for that Monster gear when "regular" does the same job for a tenth the price has never made sense to me. Those salesmen at Best Buy and Circuit City must really be doing a sell job on those.

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it is not peice of art just that be in plain sight against a bare wall. I do not want huge surge protector on the ground or on the side. I want alterntive to the monster surge protector that offers as good or better protection while able to be in plain sight.
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