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First Weekend With HD Football

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Two Questions:

1) Why does HD on CBS (KC vs Pitts) looks so lousy (Zenith 520 STB with 1080i component out) compared to HDNET et al ? Are they compressing the signal?

2) What is CBS doing that negates the ability to fill the screen? I've got the black bars of death on my Elite......makes me want to watch the game on Fox in Full mode.

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Read the NFL in HD 2003 topic & HDTV Programming Synopsis at the top of the page.

The CBS game you are watching is not in HDTV. The CBS HDTV game today is New England @ Philadelphia, at 4pm,
The KC vs Pitt game isnt being done in HD thats why. CBS only does one NFL game per week in HD and today it's N. E. vs Philly.

What many stations do is upconvert the 4x3 SD feed to 1080i and insert black or grey bars to fill in the rest of the 16x9 window when theres no true Network HD to be shown (including KCNC in Denver which you may be watching). As far as your receiver is concerned it's real HD since it's a "16x9 1080i" signal even though it's just an upconverted one. But thats why you cant necessarily zoom or stretch it compared to a regular 4x3 channel.
Since we are on dumb questions. Is anyone getting the Redskins game in DD5.1? Its not in DD5.1 here in DC and I want to verify that its just a local issue.
Fox is not doing 5.1 this weekend. In spite of that, DirecTV has the 5.1 flag incorrectly up for the 2 Widescreen games.
Thanks Guy's............I'm still in the learning stages here. And thanks for stooping to my level Cyclone! Feel better about yourself now?
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