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Fishing another Coaxial cable in already wired home

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Not sure if this is the right forum to put this in, but I need a little help running coaxial cable.

I just got a HD DVR from Direct TV. I guess it needs to have 2 coaxial feeds in order to watch one show and record another. So my theater room already has 1 coaxial cable going from the main wire box downstairs. Is it possible to pull through another cable somehow with the old one? So I then have 2 I need.

If it can be done any tips or advice would be awesome. The DTV guy said he would need to come back and it would be $37/hr and probably take 1.5-2 hours. Seems pretty expensive. The alternative is them running it outside and going in through the exterior wall. I really dislike this idea especially because this room is at the front of my home. Thanks for any help.
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If the distance is more than 10 feet, I would pay the 75.00 to have the coax pulled to the correct location.

If the existing coax is not stapled or clamped, you can use it to pull two new coaxial cables to the existing location. This is sometimes easier said than done!!
O shoot. After I read your post I remembered he said $37 per half hour. And it looks like a pain because it is pretty far from the wire box.
Why can't you just split the signal at the wall or at the settop box with a two-way splitter? Does that not work for sat feeds?
Dunno. I think they ran 4 leads into the house because I was putting in four boxes originally. I guess the actual dish must send out more than the 1 feed. Hmm maybe someone else can chime in.

Originally Posted by trekguy /forum/post/12815258

Why can't you just split the signal at the wall or at the settop box with a two-way splitter? Does that not work for sat feeds?

That doesn't work for satellite feeds.

If they wired you for 4 boxes and you're adding another line for the 2 tuner HD-DVR, you might need to buy a multiswitch to get that 5th line.

Call up DirecTV and see what they offer you for the install. If you have the old 3 LNB dish and need to upgrade to the newer 5lnb dish, you might be able to get everything installed for free. Never hurts to ask.
Can you access the areas where the cable runs? If you can then check to see if the hole is large enough to run the new line, if not then you have a couple choices.

1. Remove the old cable and enlarge the hole big enough and then some to accept multiple cables.

2. Drill a new hole next to the existing hole.

These are my suggestions.
This is what i did. Tape speaker wire to existing coax. Pull this up. Tape new coax to existing coax, and pull speaker wire back through. It probably wouldn't hurt if you fed additional speaker wire back through the hole also (future surround sound.)
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