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I have a Pronto 7500 with the screen blanking/whiting/smearing problem, which apparently requires an IC (motherboard) replacement. I am looking at about $275 for the fix. I can get a Brand new Nevo Q50 from $315 to $385 on ebay (not refurb).

I am not at all interested in a Logitech or task based remote. It's fix this sucker, or spend a bit more for a Nevo. Here are my concerns.

- Pronto Fix - $275

- Nevo Q50 - $375 (or so)

- Will 7500 fix be a long-lasting (2+ years) solution?

- Will the Nevo be a more reliable remote?

- I have extensive 100% custom Pronto screens for 9 devices.

- Re-programming a whole other remote from "scratch."

- Nevo has transport hard keys!

- The Pronto was VERY dirty inside when I opened it a few months back.

I pointed out the "dirty" because my TSU1000 was sparkling clean inside after 3 years of use and a busted screen (which I fixed). And dirt/dust strikes me as a potential problem for the motherboard.

Anyway, is it worth fixing the 7500 -- it's only 2 years old dammit! -- or is it better to chuck it and go for a Nevo?



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I have owned pronto, URC, and nevo remotes. Nevo is by far my favorite. I tried out the q50, its awesome! My only problem with it was the screen did not look great, i wish they would offer a q50 with nicer screen. I do however own a nevo sl they go for about 250 now. Mine was black limited edition.

By far the best software i used. The sl people complained about connectivity, and such but i have had no issues, I read through the whitepaper and set up my router and remote using suggested settings and it works great. No disconnects people complain of after i tweaked it.

Only issue is battery life i get 4 and half hours with wifi always on, from what i was told wifi will always drain a remote. Good thing it comes with a sleek piano black charger.

If i was you and dont mind a screen downgrade go for the q50, if you like a nicer screen after using a pronto like myself you need to go with the sl or S70 which retails for about 600 now. I transported my pronto setup onto my sl as well.

Unless your really good at programming prontos, i could not handle the pronto software. And found the 9400 nice but to limited to use without pronto script.
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