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Hello, everyone.

I bought a RPTV yesterday. (SONY KP-44PS2)

I believe this model is only available in Europe. (I live in London, UK.)

I gained an access to "service mode" to modify picture settings for my personal taste. (This was a really, really bad idea. I regret this so much.)

And...basically, I stuffed everything up.

The TV's not showing what it's suppose to show. And there are so many, hundreds of different setting combination in the "service menu".

After wrestling with the service menu for about 5 hours, I really realized that, it was impossible for me to set it back to original setting. :(

Somehow if I can obtain a values for the different setting option for this TV, I believe I can fix it.

Is there anyway I can get the values ?? Any internet site ??

Please.....I am really desperate.

I shouldn't have got into the darn service menu. :(

Any info, comments would be greatly appreciated.

Please help.
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Not open for further replies.