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Fixing Sanyo PLV-Z5 Y/C delay error

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Hello. Hoping for some help with an error on my Z5.

I've recently purchased the PJ and generally very happy. However, I noticed an image problem that I've identified as a Y/C delay error with GetGray and Aria calibration discs.

Does anyone know if this is adjustable on the Z5? Definitely not in the user menus, but I also have the service manual although it doesn't seem to explicitly talk about Y/C delay...

There's also a lack of colour uniformity - a reddish tint on the bottom right of the screen. I can live with this, but does anyone know about the "Color Shading Correction" software Sanyo talk about in the Service Manual?

I'd rather try to understand and fix the problems myself than fight through a warranty claim...

Thanks in advance.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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