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A couple weeks ago I was measuring something near my LCD display (NEC E462) and managed to knock my center channel speaker off the top of the bezel, which fell over the front and scraped the screen vertically in 2 spots. One scrape almost an inch tall, the other about half an inch. See pics below.

These scrapes were visible in the daytime on dark fields, and at night on white fields. Very distracting for photo viewing. I was really kicking myself for doing this!

Note that this display has a semi-matte finish, 2% haze using manufacturer terms. The scrape is on the antiglare coating (probably a film applied over the surface of the LCD). Methods for filling scratches (i.e. vaseline) on a glossy screen will not work on a matte finish. Nor will this method work on a glossy screen.

Anyways, the solution is to polish the scrape away using ordinary corrugated cardboard! I tested this first on a couple of inconspicuous scratches near the bezel, and was amazed to see that it worked without marring the surrounding surface, so I documented the removal of the major scratches.

I took the edge of the cardboard as pictured below, and rubbed at the scrape in short strokes perpendicular to the direction of the scratch. The scraped part is rougher than the surroundings, so you will feel that the cardboard grips a bit as it passes over the scrape. A few minutes of this kind of rubbing and the scrapes are gone - the surface is perfectly smooth. Hallelujah!
I found this golden nugget of information at this page (though I worked more precisely on the scratches than the gentleman demonstrates in the video)

The last pic shows the upper major scrape almost removed. A few more rubs and it disappeared entirely!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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