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Fixing speaker wire

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The framing has gone up in my basement and I want to run in the speaker wire.

Is there a recommended way to fix it to the frame before the dry wall goes on?

I was thinking some kind of staple gun. Any recommendations would be welcome.


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Don't use a staple gun. You will pinch the wires. Check HD in the electrical section for wire specific fastners.
I bought a nice staple gun from GB tools (make a crapload of electrical thingy's - Technical Term). And it fires an assortment of insulated staples for speaker wire, coax, CAT, 14ga, 12ga etc... it's quite nice... but for the fact I now have a tendency to over staple (it's just that fast). Got it at Lowes...
Just get some romex staples.
You should install some 3/4" or 1" smurf tubing and run the wires inside that. If you ever have to replace it you just pull new speaker cable through. If you staple, you'll never get the old wire out.
I second the smurf tubing (Carlon ENT conduit) recommendation.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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